Brian Houston

As a leader, Pastor Brian Houston is highly regarded for his boldness, innovation and vision. As a church pastor, he is well respected for his passion for the cause of Christ and the local church, and for preaching messages that change mindsets and ministries. But at HOME – Hillsong Church – Pastor Brian is most loved for being the ‘dad of the house’ – a pastor who loves God and people, and a speaker of life who declares, ‘The best is yet to come’.

A Platform Called Credibility Study Guide

We all have a platform on which God's purpose can be fulfilled in our life IF we're building on a right foundation. It doesn't matter how big your dream is; what matters is having a solid platform on which to build it. You need a platform - a foundation for whatever God has placed in your heart, and what He has called you to do.

By examining the life of Timothy and his connection to the Apostle Paul, this series examines the three keys to building a solid platform upon which to live a blessed life and enable you to move into all the plans and purposes God has prepared for you:

  1. The platform of Credibility
  2. The platform of Faithfulness
  3. The platform of Authenticity


You Are The One Study Guide

“I am the one!”

Many people would react to this statement saying, “It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus.”

Of course, we know this is true but within that, it is also true that YOU are the one. When you live believing that YOU ARE THE ONE, your life takes on a sense of responsibility and confidence that opens new roads of opportunity and rivers of provision.

I am the one God has anointed.
I am the one God has graced.
I am the one God has blessed.
I am the one who can stand in the gap.
I am the one who can make a difference
and rise up into all the promises of God.

God always uses a person – He uses YOU.